How to stay motivated even when you feel like giving up!

I wanted to write a post directed to myself. Honestly it’s super hard to stay motivated with daily tasks… not the normal stuff like work and being a mom. But I mean in other goals that I really wish I could accomplish and as the day goes by I see them farther away.

For this new year I want to look at inspirational posts that can motivate me to keep trying and not give up on my goals. I want to be able to film for videos for my YouTube channel and blog, also work on my at home activities with the kids. I have many ideas but I have no time to execute them… all this while still working a full time job and being there for my family.

Making a list of you goals will help you focus on what exactly needs to be worked on. Everyday is a step closer and you should take that as an accomplishment. It might not be a huge mile stone but it is A MILE that was not there yesterday. Wether it’s reading a book and actually finishing it or getting up earlier to make breakfast and lunch or meal prepping for the week. Which ever is your goal, I know you can do it !