IMG_4377SO WE (the girls and me) just finished watching THE HOLIDAY CALENDAR on netflix. first of we love netflix, like literally live on it lol. But today netflix released an original movie with one of my favorite actors, so i had to watch it. 

For those who aren’t familiar with Kat Graham she was also in the Vampire Diaries which you can also watch on netflix but anyways already getting off topic. This new movie was so beautiful. It has a little bit of comedy, romance and its very family friendly which i liked.

Kat Graham who plays Abby is a photographer trying to make it in the big world as they say.  Although she is very afraid of stepping out of her comfort zone she is still very talented. One of her dreams is to open a studio and be able to provide other aspiring photographers with a place to learn.  Her family support her in her dreams while still trying to convince her to join the law firm with her father and sister.

Quincy who plays Josh in the movie is her childhood friend. He’s a travel photographer, he returns to their hometown for the holidays and for her <3.

Abby’s grandfather gifts her a “magic” Advent Calendar at first she believes the calendar is helping her get with the towns bachelor but in reality it was helping her with josh and when she realized it was him the movie just became so much more! i loved their connection from the beginning, very open with each other, the type of relationship where you can finish each others sentences. <3.

I believe the movie was perfect. it had many messages that you can carry on with you in life. I really enjoyed seeing her spend time with her family, although it was a holiday movie you can tell that they didn’t act like that just for family occasion, they had a bond! i loved that in the end is all about family.  This weekend you should really sit down and watch it with your family, i think you will enjoy it <3



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PS: i Just took this picture right from my tv