How to stay motivated even when you feel like giving up!

I wanted to write a post directed to myself. Honestly it’s super hard to stay motivated with daily tasks… not the normal stuff like work and being a mom. But I mean in other goals that I really wish I could accomplish and as the day goes by I see them farther away.

For this new year I want to look at inspirational posts that can motivate me to keep trying and not give up on my goals. I want to be able to film for videos for my YouTube channel and blog, also work on my at home activities with the kids. I have many ideas but I have no time to execute them… all this while still working a full time job and being there for my family.

Making a list of you goals will help you focus on what exactly needs to be worked on. Everyday is a step closer and you should take that as an accomplishment. It might not be a huge mile stone but it is A MILE that was not there yesterday. Wether it’s reading a book and actually finishing it or getting up earlier to make breakfast and lunch or meal prepping for the week. Which ever is your goal, I know you can do it !


IMG_4377SO WE (the girls and me) just finished watching THE HOLIDAY CALENDAR on netflix. first of we love netflix, like literally live on it lol. But today netflix released an original movie with one of my favorite actors, so i had to watch it. 

For those who aren’t familiar with Kat Graham she was also in the Vampire Diaries which you can also watch on netflix but anyways already getting off topic. This new movie was so beautiful. It has a little bit of comedy, romance and its very family friendly which i liked.

Kat Graham who plays Abby is a photographer trying to make it in the big world as they say.  Although she is very afraid of stepping out of her comfort zone she is still very talented. One of her dreams is to open a studio and be able to provide other aspiring photographers with a place to learn.  Her family support her in her dreams while still trying to convince her to join the law firm with her father and sister.

Quincy who plays Josh in the movie is her childhood friend. He’s a travel photographer, he returns to their hometown for the holidays and for her <3.

Abby’s grandfather gifts her a “magic” Advent Calendar at first she believes the calendar is helping her get with the towns bachelor but in reality it was helping her with josh and when she realized it was him the movie just became so much more! i loved their connection from the beginning, very open with each other, the type of relationship where you can finish each others sentences. <3.

I believe the movie was perfect. it had many messages that you can carry on with you in life. I really enjoyed seeing her spend time with her family, although it was a holiday movie you can tell that they didn’t act like that just for family occasion, they had a bond! i loved that in the end is all about family.  This weekend you should really sit down and watch it with your family, i think you will enjoy it <3



iliana IMG_4377.jpg

PS: i Just took this picture right from my tv 

April’s favorite makeup products

Product I’ve used the past week.

The @anastasiabeverlyhills #prism palette and #subculture

Both really great palettes but may be feel like too much for the everyday user. Let’s be real a lot of us don’t use neon for a Monday morning at the meeting. But that doesn’t stop this palette from amazing. If you want to get out of it comfort zone this is the one for you. The subculture is a hit or miss type thing. The colors are super pigmented and you need a light AF hand to work it..but still great and will last you a long time. The colors are more wearable than prism but with both you can still do a look and use any of those pops of colors… .

The @hardcandylife concealer this shit is THICK AF. you apply this and your hands better be working that magic at blending 😭! But I still like to use this to clean my brows and although you may or may not see some eyebrow glow bc of it I still like it. It full coverage and very inexpensive! .



@fentybeauty foundation. I am in shade 300. I only use this foundation for special occasions, to me is not that full coverage bc I can still see more of my freckles through it. I like the smell of it. It’s like a sweet cupcake type smell and it’s light weight. So although you can layer this for more coverage you won’t feel cakey! .


The @myobcosmetics power, this one is a bit too yellow for me but I still like it bc if the coverage I know my makeup will last all day when I set it with this powder .. .


@anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow pomade in chocolate, this is bae. I literally use this all the time this is like the coconut oil holy grail for me. I can’t do my makeup with out it and if I do there’s only one other product I can see me using. .



@lorealmakeup infallible paint are so smooth and buttery. I feel like this has last me such a long time bc it’s so pigmented you don’t even need as much.

This color in particular I like to layer it with a nude liquid lipstick to give me that plump lip effect.

@stilacosmetics liquid lipstick. This is the everyday color it’s perfect with any look even if it’s a subtle look or smokey eyes. ! .


@nabi lip liner which I got from amazon! A pack of 50 liners for like 20$. HOLLAHHHH 💅🏼 !

Have you tried any of these products and if not which one are you hoping to try ?

4 Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

Mother’s day is right around the corner and you want to make sure you have a beautiful meaningful gift for your mom.
I have created a list that should help you out with some ideas.

Here we have a BEST MOM EVER MUG perfect for those mornings when she’s drinking her coffee and is reminded of this sweet gesture and what you think of her.

For those special occasions you want her to wear something as beautiful as this necklace . Two interlocking infinity circles. As the love between a mother and daughter is forever.

We all love a little pampering. so why not a basket of bath and spa gifts .
There are many fragrances to chose from such as Coconut, Lavender and Floral so what ever her favorite scent is, we got you covered.

What better gift than the one she can pick herself. So for that we have this beautiful mothers day gift card. You can even get an Egift card which can be delivered instantly by email. Pick your amount and you’re set.